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Sprucing up your Garden this Spring

Posted on: April 25, 2017

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Gardens are sometimes a little neglected over the wintertime when folks prefer indoor activities. Now that spring is here, your garden might need a little sprucing up. If you are taking on a garden regeneration project that is likely to be producing a lot of waste – you might want to consider hiring a skip. Here are a few spring gardening projects where a small skip might come in handy.

Pruning Dead and Damaged Branches

The best time to prune trees is after the appearance of the first new growth, but before the first buds of fruits or flowers appear. Cutting away dead or unsightly foliage in this window will not harm the tree. Your compost bin will appreciate some of the smaller clippings, but large green branches need to be shredded before they can be composted. We have the capability to shred wood that can then be used for compost or animal bedding.

Digging a Pond

When you dig a big hole in the ground to install a pond you are left with an equivalent-sized pile of soil next to the hole. Disposing of this in a skip means that it will be properly screened and used in local landscaping and restoration projects.

Clearing out your Sheds and Greenhouses

Have you reached the point where you can barely fit the lawnmower in your shed for all the broken patio furniture, rusty tools and thousands of plastic flower pots? Have a good clear out. You will really appreciate the difference of a well-organised shed. While you’re at it throw out that rickety old wooden shelving in the greenhouse before the weight of your new seedling trays causes it to collapse.

Replacing an Old Patio

This is a fun project for a Bank Holiday weekend (if we get a sunny one). Rip out all those ugly cracked concrete paving slabs, relevel the area and repave it. A proper patio will be a welcome suntrap come summer. You can dispose of unwanted rubble in a skip. We will crush it and grade it for use in construction projects.

There’s information about our skip sizes and their suitability for different projects on our website. If you require any further information, just call us on 01493 668118 or email info@wtskiphire.co.uk.

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